A Team OF Leaders, Not With Leaders

Date – 7/20/2019

Time – 0700
AO – DeHavilland

Pax – Koolaid, Crockett, Faucet, FNG (Ken), Phone Home, Bubble Boy, Elroy, Zebra, Sugar, FNG) Terence, Wilson.

Q – Koolaid, Crockett, Faucet, FNG (Ken), Phone Home, Bubble Boy, Elroy, Zebra, Sugar (from Johnson City, TN), FNG) Terence, Wilson.

F3 is known for workouts rain or dry, heat or cold. We’ll even workout when the scheduled Q can’t make it! How’d that work? Well, since F3 is an organization OF Leaders, YHC declared everyone Q for the day.

Mosey up the trail.

Warm up – 20 SSH IC

The Thang:

YHC assuming the Q of Q, started our POAS (Pearls On A String) with Merkins. We would mosey around the trail (the string) stopping frequently (because YHC really doesn’t like running) to engage in the Pearls (a.k.a, COP (Circle of Pain)). Each Pax would assume the Q by announcing the exercise. Reps were determined by a roll of the dice (really!). Exercises were as follows:

Faucet – Imperial Walkers
FNG/Ken – Zombie Kicks
FNG/Terence – Big Boy Sit Ups
Koolaid – Bear Crawls
Phone Home – Overhead Claps
Zebra – Squats
Bubble Boy – Lunges
Sugar – Vertical Hip Thrust
Crockett – Knerkins
Elroy – Burpees (we hit 30 of these with a bit ‘o luck!!)

After we all had a turn, the more fit Thoroughbred still needed to run, but the Pack Mules were wilting a bit from the extreme heat. So as Faucet expressed the desire to run, YHC agreed it would be a good thing to let those who could run wild to do so. Instantly Faucet became the Q of Qs of a separate group while the remainder focused on core exercises (modified Bruce Lees).

Adding to the excitement of the day: Crockett began his F3 journey in early June (joined by his brother, Phone Home), but expanded his reach by having two FNGs posting: Ken, his dad, and Terence, his son. Three generations. It’s a beautiful thing to see.



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