4 corners returns!


AO: Higgins

Q: Goldstar

PAX: Wilson, whisper, chewy, Goldstar

Mosey to parking garage


Cotton pickers ICx20

Windmills ICx20

Imperial walkers ICx20

x10- LL Cool J’s – Pax performs Alternating Lunges (R-L), then a standard Burpee & finish with a Jump Squat.

Tha thang:

-Do 7 reps of an exercise (

at each of the 4 corners with a mosey (or sprint) in between corners.

Round 1) 7 Burpees

Round 2) 14 Clerpins (clap mekins)

Round 3) 21 Squats

Round 4) 28 Mekins

If time allows:

Round 5) 21 SSh

Round 6) 14 shoulder presses

Round 7) 4 Yurpees

Mosey back to flag





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