Circuits a plenty


AO: Higgins

Q: Goldstar

PAX: Zebra, Wilson, Cobra, Goldstar

Warm up:

Lower back stretch

Side Straddle Hop x20 IC

Cherry Pickers x20 IC

.90 mile jog

Tha Thang:

2 Sets of Bruce Lee’s

x20 leg lifts

x20 flutter kicks

x20 American hammers

x20 dying cockroaches

x20 bicycles

x20 little baby crunches

x20 heel touches

Circuit 1: x2

1st person: sprint across lot and back

While person one is sprinting:

2nd person: air squats amrap

3rd person: manmakers amrap

4th person: jump rope

Circuit 2: x1

1st person: burpees x10

While person one is doing burpees:

2nd person: LBC’s amrap

3rd person: block shoulder presses amrap

4th person: jump rope

Close out with “Bring sally up” push-up challenge





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