The Ramplin’ Old Man Workout….

Date – 03/04/2019
Time – 0530
AO – Higgins
Pax – Cobra
Q – Wilson

As you get older, there are two things that start to decline: 1) your memory, and; 2)…. I forget the other.

So, I had forgotten that I had volunteered to Q today. Doesn’t matter. We may not be professional fitness trainers, but I’m pretty good at making things up on the fly.

Warm up
Imperial Walkers IC X 20
Cotton Pickers IC X 20
Arm Circles forward/reversed

The Thang:

We did a bunch of stuff. I had some 15 pound rocks in the bed of my truck. We used them for Push Presses, American Hammers, Lunges, other things….

I honestly don’t remember. We kept moving.

I also had a couple of weighted ball bats in my cab for some Club Bell work.

Oh! I remember we did some Bear Crawling followed by Crab Walks. But I hated the Crab Walk so we stopped doing that.

There were some LBCs, Merkins, Pickle Pointers, and….. there was a set of four…..

I don’t know.

And then we did some of the earlier things again.

It really was a pretty good work out. It was about 19 degrees, but we worked up a sweat AND beat the Fart Sack.

We got better. I remember that.



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