Dehavilland 3-2-19

Dehavilland 3-2-19

Q- Faucet

PAX- Heater, Wilson, Zebra, Swobbles

Mosey to shelter

Leg stretches, Arm circles, Cotton pickers, Side straddle hops, Mountain climbers (each x15)

Mosey out to field

7 of diamonds- 4 rounds

Merkins round 1- multiples of 7 at each stop

Imperial Walkers round 2

LBC round 3

Dying Coachroaches round 4

Mosey back to shelter- dips, shoulder taps, Bruce Lees

Mosey to field, Railroad tracks- Single file line, low plank, 2nd jumps over first, low plank, etc.

Bearmuda Triangle- 1 burpee, bear crawl to point 2 of triangle, 2 burpees, bearcrawl to point 3, 3 burpees

Jog around pond, stopping along the way for exercises


Count a rama

Name a rama

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