Frozen HIMs

January 21, 2019


Q: Goldstar

PAX: Wilson, Tails, Cobra


SSH IC x20

Half mile run

Hands and feet were getting cold, numb and tingly, YHC had to divert from the original plan and take us back to the frozen parking lot. I decided to do a backup routine that got us through the entirety of our workout. Tails showed up just in time for our frozen party.

Tha Thang:

Partner up.

Pax 1 does exercise while Pax 2 runs to the other end of the parking lot. Swap out and continue the exercise until each amount of reps are complete.

The exercises and reps for each group are:

50- Burpees

100- Overhead Claps

150- Merkins

200- Big Boy Sit-ups

250- Squats

In solidarity, we joined together to all four do the 500 squats at the end, each PAX completing 125. Today we picked up the six and dived in whenever one of our brothers needed us. That is what it’s all about. We got a workout out in, but we didn’t leave our brothers behind in the blistering cold.




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