January 14, 2019 – Higgins

Kroger Beatdown

AO: F3 Dayton – Cloud Park (Higgins) 0530
Q: Zebra
PAX: Wilson, Cobra, Goldstar, Tails

Five HIM gathered in the gloom with a bit of a detour from our usual Higgins confines. As the park was not properly cleared of the 8 inch snowfall from the night before, we moseyed over to the Kroger parking lot across the street! Here’s what we did…

Moseyed around the parking lot…


Side Straddle Hops ICx10

Moroccan Nightclubs ICx10

Imperial Walkers ICx10

Zebra Butt-Kicks x10

The Thang:

Q broke out the Beatdown Deck to get this party started! We busted out 31 exercises and dodging the salt truck in Kroger’s parking lot. For the first joker, I delegated exercise choice to Goldstar who picked air squats and Cobra chose 10 for the rep count. On the second joker, I delegated to Wilson who chose SSHs and Tails chose 40 for the reps. Wilson led these IC. Lacking a proper curb to perform the 100 calf raises on the A, Q called an Omaha to replace the calf raises with 10 yurpees to finish off the Beatdown!

CoT: Prayer of thanks for another day to get better and that the city gets Higgins properly cleared of snow in time for next BeatDown! Be like a Shark!

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