The classic format of an F3 workout is called “Pearls On A String” (POAS). Saturday’s workout at Dehavilland could be characterized as PFOABSAROTF (Pears Falling Off A Broken String And Rolling On The Floor….)

AO – Dehavilland (Delco Park)
Date – 1/12/2019
Time – 0700
Pax – Pavoratti, Rosie, Brody, Faucet, Dangle, Heater, Zebra, Tails (LIFO Maximus).
Q – Wilson

F3 Mission – To plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership. With that stated, we began to be invigorated with the help ofe the weather as the leading edge of a winter storm started passing only hours before. So at 26 degrees with snow in our face, we began warm ups in the parking lot.

20 reps IC of
Cotton Pickers
Imperial Walkers

Mosey to the park Armed Services Memorial area. With the assistance of the 16 inch wall we performed OYO:

Incline Merkins X 15
Decline Merkins X 15
Bulgarian Squats X 10 each side

Slowsy to the pull up bar. With 8 pax and 2 bars, we split into 3 groups to rotate through 3 exercises.

On the bar, Knees to Elbow (K2E) X 5
Japanese Merkins (JM) X 10
Cossack Squats (CS) X 10 each direction

We would come back to the bar after each run on the soccer field, decreasing the reps of each set incrementally, total of 4 sets.

To the soccer field, about 50 yards

Sprint down
Run back backwards
Sprint down
Carioca back right half way, reverse

Back to the bar

Are we invigorated yet??

Buddy Merkins
With Pax1 in plank position, Pax2 would prop his feet on the back of Pax1 for a declined Merkin X 10

Soccer Field
Sprint down
Shuffle back right and left

Back to the bar (Can you see where this looks like pearls falling of a string and rolling all over the floor????)

Reclined SSH (a.k.a., Snow Angels. Wilson may be an old goat, but he still likes to play.)

Soccer Field

Walk down
Pigeon Stretch
Twisted Scorpion

Back to the bar

Turkish Get Ups

On the mosey back to the parking lot we were greeted by Tails! So in celebration of his arrival, we had Tails participate in the Buddy Merkins by assume the plank position while 4 other Pax propped their feet on his back for declined Merkins.

But we were not done. There was still time on the clock. Forming a circle we took 4 – 50 pound bags of sand, performed a squat, and passed it to the left. Reversed to the right.



Fully invigorated!



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