Higgins 1-7-19

DATE – 1-7-19

A.O. – Higgins

Q – Tails

PAX – Goldstar, Dangle, Wilson,


Conditions were nice and warm! High wing brought a good chill, but air temp was good! Hit the A.O. Thinking it was Zebra’s Q! Goldstar quickly reminded me that it was mine! So I put a plan together and we hit it.

Warm up

  • Shoulder rotations – 10
  • SSH – 30
  • Cotton pickers – 15
  • Windmills – 15
  • High knees – 20
  • Badboys and these guys
  • Merkins – 10

Hard core

  • Mosey to Out building
  • Ran through core routine
  • Sky, thigh, ground clap (holding a wall sit the PAX reaches to the sky, then touches the thigh, the bends to the ground, then back to center and claps hands) did this in cadence – 30
  • Full plank count down from 60
  • Elbow plank count down from 60
  • Leg raise count down from 60
  • Wall sit count down from 60
  • Full plank with leg extended both sides – count down from 20 each side
  • Superman count down from 60
  • Leg raise count down from 60
  • Sky, thigh, ground clap – 30
  • Ran through this routine or variations
  • Mosey to parallettes and did arm holds for 60 seconds x 2ish!
  • Mosey back to flag
  • 10 burpees in your own

COT – Prayer for Cobra’s travels and quick healing from injuries and sickness. Thankfulness for a body that works.

COUNTARAMA – 4 – everyone accounted for, although we almost lost Wilson!



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