Man, I needed this…..

Date: 12-27-2018
Time: 0530
AO: Higgins
Q: Wilson

Over the Christmas weekend I drove to Jacksonville, FL, to spend time with #3 Shorty – Petty Officer 2, J.R. Ketterman. I was hopeful to plug into an F3 workout on the way down in North Carolina, and in Jacksonville before returning. Schedule wise, it just wasn’t going to happen. With over 24 hours in the driver’s seat going and coming, that’s a lot of sittin’ for someone who leads a pretty active lifestyle.

Warm up
SSH, 2 count X 100

Imperial Walkers, 4 count X 30

Cotton Pickers, 4 count X 20

Hit the road for a Rapid Ruck
Parallel Bars Leg Raises X 10

Pull ups X 6

1 mile total in 20 minutes with the 2 exercise breaks.

I needed this!

4# Club bell
Round the World Right X 10

Round the World Left X 10

Rinse, repeat X 3

Club mill right X 10

Club mill left X 10

Reverse mill right X 10

Reverse mill left X 10

Do you realize just how stiff your shoulders can get when you drive all day??

3 Minute Deep Squat
Because the hips really need stretched from sitting so long.

Scheduling note: No ruck next Tuesday here at Higgins. Start the new year right by joining us at Falcon Hill (Kettering Rec Center). Make new friends. Receive a new name.

And become a High Impact Man by immediately starting your fitness program for the year.



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