Burt’s Birthday Beatdown!

DATE: 12/29/2018

AO: Dehavilland

Q: Burt Macklin FBI

PAX: Wilson, Who Dey, Sox, Bone Daddy, Heater, Popcorn, Faucet, Stamp, Brody, Wrong Way

Workout: Bday Beatdown


1/2 mile warm up run

One person carries Heaterbag 200 yards while the rest of the pax conduct reps of the following : 

10 p/u: sprint 45 yds: 10 p/u: sprint 45 yds: 10 p/u: 45 yd suicide sprint. RotTe between p/u and s/u. Continue until all pax carry heater bag.
32 burpees for 32 years. Every time Thunder is said in AC/DC Thinderstruck a burpee is done ( – 2 burpees).

COT: appreciate the lord for giving us the gift of physical fitness at all ages.




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