Falcon Hill 12-25-18

DATE – 12-25-18

A.O. – Falcon Hill

Q – Tails

PAX – Burt Macklin FBI, Zebra, Floater, Stamp, Heater, Bonedaddy Cobra, FNG X2


Conditions were COLD and humid. 27 degrees by my watch. Ground was frost covered and even muddy in some spots. Great to see STAMP return after being off with new baby! And HEATER after he was off training for work! Also got a nice visit from BONEDADDY, who doesn’t hit weekends! Burt Mack brought his brother in law (who lives in Cleveland) and one of my best friends came as he is in town for the holiday!

Warm up

  • Shoulder rotations – 10
  • Posterior swings – 10
  • SSH – 30
  • Cotton pickers – 15
  • Windmills – 15
  • Lap the track

Brick beatdown

  • Each PAX shoulders brick and CAS to FTH. Intervals right shoulder, over head, left shoulder.
  • Harambe to top of FTH.
  • Preform 20 each – Shoulder presses, Curls, Tricep Curls, Block Swings. Drop block and sprint to bottom of FTH and back up in between each exercise. Trot block to bottom of FTH.
  • Shoulder blocks stopping periodically to preform 5 man makers. Run through all exercises (double time) one last time. Stash blocks in hiding place.
  • Mosey to remaining blocks.
  • Teams of two. Thing one holds plank whole thing one preforms 10 second sprint with block. Calls out “TEN”, drops block and planks up. Thing one then jumps up, sprints to block, picks up and preforms the same. Switching back and forth until we reach the hiding place.

COT – Christmas! Thankfulness! Heaters plight! Rucking! New shoes! A lot of topics today! Needing each other and not knowing it until you don’t have it. Thankful for my brothers!

COUNTARAMA – 10. Forgot this again

NAMEORAMA – Named two FNGs. RNC (rear naked choke) named for his involvement in Brazilian Jujitsu and his general homoerotic behavior. And Mclovin. Named for his recounting of being arrested for trying to purchase alcohol while underage.


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