Dehavilland 12-22-18

DATE – 12-22-18

A.O. – Dehavilland

Q – Tails

PAX – Burt Macklin FBI, Faucet, Sox, Zebra, Wrongway


Nice cool morning. High wind that we hated at first, but later were thankful for! Funny how that works!

Wrongway was meant to Q today, but unfortunately got a flat tire! I picked up the Q and just decided to stick to my wheelhouse.

Brick beatdown

  • Mosey to Brick stash where the PAX each grabbed one brick. We Rucked these to the Gazebo, rotating shoulders and overhead carry.
  • At Gazebo we preformed some quick dynamic stretches including: Posterior swings, shoulder rotations, and ASAK
  • After stretches we preformed rotations of Mountain climbers X 20 in cadence and SSH X 30 in cadence. These were done with 30 second over head block holds in between each set.
  • We left our blocks and ran back to grab a second block each. Encountering Wrongway on the way back, Zebra and I gave him our blocks and went back for more while the PAX followed Wrongway to hold a plank at the Gazebo.
  • Upon reuniting, the PAX shoulder carried one block a good distance, planted said block and would sprint back to retrieve their remaining block. Shouldering this second block, we would run to our planted block, and repeat.
  • Half way to the hill we added a double block carry into the above routine.
  • Reaching the hill we grouped up and started Dora 1,2,3. One PAX ran the hill and back while the other preformed 100 Block Shoulder presses followed by 100 Block Squats.
  • We returned the blocks to their hiding place and did a CAS back to the flag.

COT – Christmas well wishes and encouragement to post!


NAMEORAMA – Consideration to re-name WRONGWAY to WRONGTIME


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