Merry Christmas to all

AO – Higgins
Date – 12-20-2018
Time – 0530
Q – Wilson
Conditions – Sprinkles

I walked a lot today. To be exact, it was the parking lot (See the attached GPS tracking map…). Included included laps of:

  • Walk backwards
  • Carioca right
  • Carioca left
  • Straight walk

Each lap was almost .1 of a mile, totaled more than a mile.

Finished with

  • Bear Crawl
  • Monkey Walk Left
  • Monkey Walk Right

Scheduling Note – For a fine start to Christmas next Tuesday join the fine HIM meeting at 0530 at Falcon Hill. Get a jump on that New Year’s resolution you’re about to make about getting in shape. Details at I’ll be returning from a workout at Jacksonville, FL.



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