Happy Birthday Floater!


Q: Floater

PAX: goldstar, Burt Macklin fbi, Cobra, Captain Planet, Pavarotti

Donut of Pain
PAX Circles Up

One PAX does 15 Squats while remaining PAX hold Al Gores
Continue until all PAX have done 15 Squats
10 count

One PAX does 15 Merkins while remaining PAX hold plank
Continue until all PAX have done 15 Merkins
10 count

4 Ct Flutter Kicks
One PAX does 15 4 ct Flutter kicks while remaining PAX hold leg lift and count cadence for PAX
10 count

OH Press (50lb)
One PAX does 15 OH press with sandbag remaining PAX does OH claps
10 count

Russian Twist/Am Hammer
One Pax does 15 Russian twist (per side) while remaining PAX hold elbow plank
10 count

One PAX does 15 Burpees while remaining PAX does SSH
10 count


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