Falcon Hill 12-11-18

DATE – 12-11-18

A.O. – Falcon Hill

Q – Tails

PAX – Goldstar, Heater, Pavarotti, Cobra


Burt had to opt out this morning so I picked up he’s Q. Knowing it was going to be cold and humid, I wanted to keep us moving. Temp 18 degrees, slight wind.

  • short run and stretches to the parking garage at the mall.
  • We hit the stairs and 1 PAX would run the 4 flights while the others wall sit. We them alternated running the steps and various exercises: Squats, SSH, Thigh touch planks.
  • We ran as a pax up and across the garage x 2. Planks to pick up the 6.
  • We then did sprint/hurtle intervals using a 3 foot tall wall to jump over. Did this x 2
  • Run back to flag

COT – we talked briefly about fortitude and about the amount of men that have joined F3 Dayton this year. We talked about hinderances that arise to consistency and about sticking with it. We spoke about F2 and F3 meetings.



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