10 December 2018 – The Higgins

DATE: 10 December 2018
AO: The Higgins (Thomas Cloud Park)
Q: Cobra
PAX: Tails, Wilson

Conditions: 19F, no wind, dead silent; perfection

Warmup: 40x SSH IC, 20x windmills IC, The Chinook (overhead arm circles), arm circles, quad stretch

The Thang (There and Back Again, A PAX’ Tale):

  • Traverse the parking lot, long-ways, and then perform 10 burpees, plank for the 6
  • Mummy kicks (arms straight, scissoring back and forth, legs kick out straight), Bear crawl, Sprint, Lunges, Hops, Sprint, Shuffle right, Shuffle left, Sprint, Run backwards
  • Total of 100 burpees performed

Cooldown: 1/4 mile jog around the track


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