Dehavilland 12-8-18

DATE – 12-8-18

A.O. – Dehavilland

Q – Tails

PAX – Tails


Temp 18 degrees. No wind to speak of. Nice because it’s normally rather windy. First time I’ve seen the lake frozen this year. Not a soul around and very dark and quite. As I planted the flag I felt a deep sense of satisfaction and thankfulness. How great to be alive and breathing fresh air. To be able to move my body. To enjoy freedom. Very blessed and highly favored.

  • Run to blocks on other side of lake.
  • Double block ruck/run – 40 second to 1 minute runs with 2 minuet rucks. Repeat this to other side of lake.
  • 50 yard block sprint with block swings and man makers at either end x 4.
  • Single block run to other side of lake. Run block and return for other. Repeat.
  • Double block farmer carry to hill. Run blocks down hill to hiding place.
  • Run back to flag



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