4 December 2018 – Falcon Hill

DATE: 4 December 2018
AO: Falcon Hill (Kettering Middle School)
Q: Cobra
PAX: Goldstar, Tails, Burt Macklin FBI
Deputy Cadence Master: Tails

Conditions: ~34F, a few snowflakes, little to no wind, perfect

Warmup: Down to the middle, right, left, pretzel (on 6, one leg over another stretching lower back), egg (on back, grab knees and rotate in circle), bad boys, reverse bad boys (clasp hands behind lower back and raise upwards to stretch shoulders and chest)

The Thang:

  • The Slingshot: 1 PAX runs 100m on track and back, remaining PAX do exercises IC, when runner returns, all PAX mosey 100m, then next PAX in line becomes the runner; after all PAX have run, switch exercise
  • Exercises: 5x merkins 5x wide merkins 5x diamonds (then repeat), LBC, Shoulder Taps, Planks, Pickle Pointers, Leg lift V’s (up, out, up, down)
  • With 4 PAX: totaled 1.5mi jogged, 0.75mi run
  • 30 second countdowns: PAX counts down (around the circle) from 30 reps (or seconds) — Spidermans, Trunk Twists, Left Side-Plank, Right Side-Plank


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