Thursday Ruck at Cloud Park

“There is no such thing as over-training. There is only under-recovery.” Bobby Maximus

AO: Higgins

Date: 11/29/2018
Time: 0530
Conditions: A bit windy, 26 degrees

The Thang:

1 Mile Ruck, 10#
Toes to the Bar
Bear Walk
Scorpion/Step Through/Back Bridge
Tabata Jump Rope

We’re on the back side of Thanksgiving. I literally picked up 5 pounds between Wednesday and Saturday last week. Three of them are gone. In another week I’ll be back to Pre-Thanksgiving weight.

Where will you be in another week? After the first of the year? Holding your own? Or being owned by the calories calling?

You can always find a goooooooooooood reason to not work out. But it’s like I read on a plaque about forty years ago: “When you wear your body out (by not taking care of it), where will you live?”

It’ll still be in your body. You’re going to hurt, so you might as well hurt in a healthy manner. Saturday at Delco Park (DeHavilland), 0730.



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