Falcon Hill- 11/29/2018

Falcon Hill- Thursday- 11/29/2018

Pax- Cobra and Goldstar
Q- Heater

Only three pax braved the cold morning today, with temperatures sitting at 24 degrees.

We began by stating the F3 mission and going over the disclaimer

Circled up (triangled) and stretched out

Mosey on to FTH

We ran backwards up the hill and then ran back down and immediately ran forward up the hill. We did this four times. After the first one we did 10 burpees, after the second we did 25 merkins, after the third one we did 50 LBC, and the last one we did 30 squats.

Slowsey back to the track and run one lap to get back to the flag

We did 10 merkins, 10 wide merkins, and 10 diamond merkins. Then sprinted 50 yards and back.

We did 30 LBC, 30 leg lifts, and 30 flutter kicks. Then sprinted 50 yards and back.

We did 20 merkins, 10 wide merkins, 5 diamond merkins. Did wall sits for 90 seconds.

We took a mosey around the track.

Came back and stretched





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