Ohio’s version of “Frozen”

AO – Higgins
Date – 11/15/2018
Time – 0530
Q – Wilson

When we say “Modify as needed,” we usually mean if Q calls for 30 Merkins, but you can only do 15, that’s OK. Or maybe you need to do it from your knees. That’s how you modify.

Today we needed to modify the duration of the workout. Icy conditions meant it would take longer to get to work. It’s all part of preparedness that F3 defines as “Getting ready for the expected” (like, the morning) “while being ready for the unexpected” (like the icy conditions). Q Source

Actually, the workout was the second workout of the morning. The first was chipping ice off the windshield.

PVC Workout

  • Big shoulder swings
  • Reversed swings
  • Front and back

Club bell

  • Round the world
  • Club mill
  • Reverse mill

And the grand finale

  • Jump Rope – 2 minutes

At a fundamental level, the most important aspect of even an abbreviated workout:

The fart sack still lost.



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