November 15, 2018 – Falcon Hill


AO: Falcon Hill

Q: Pavarotti

PAX: Dangle, Goldstar

❄️❄️❄️Mozy from base to Indian Riffle Park picnic shelter through the ice storm❄️❄️❄️


3 Sets

– 10 Burpees

-20 Leg Raises

-20 Flutter Kicks

-20 American Hammers

-20 Dying Cockroaches

-20 Freddie Mercuries

-20 LBC’s

10 Minute 21’s

-1 Sit Up

-1 Merkin

-2 Sit Ups

-2 Merkins

*Continue doing this rotation until 10 minutes is up.

❄️Mozy back to base❄️



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