Higgins Backblast

Date – 10/23/2018
Time – 0530
A.O. – Higgins (Cloud Park)
Q – The effervescent Wilson Tog (meaning either sparkling/bubbling or fizzy/gassy. Take your pick.

We always say to “…modify as needed…” as we welcome men of all fitness levels. I was in dire need of modification. A month ago Cobra, one of the spry, younger Pax of F3 Dayton made his VQ. Throughout the workout he was merciless in motivating us to Merkins. He broke my shoulder.

Having recovered I was looking forward to what he might break on me on his next opportunity which was yesterday. It was legs. Sprinkled along the 1.25 mile path of our Mosey he had us do air squats, beginning with three, then adding three each time we stopped, a total of eleven times. Our last stop was 33 squat which gave us a total of 198. He didn’t break me this time, but…..

Modify as needed. I surely needed.

Shoulder workout:

PVC workout

  • Shoulder dislocations – front to back
  • Twisters
  • Side to side
  • Pipe rotations

Club bell

  • 10 to 2s
  • CB Swings

Capped it off with

  • Bear Crawl
  • 3 minute deep squat

Thanksgiving is coming up quick. You can wait until after you’ve stuffed yourself (I intend to), or join us before hand and feel less quilt about the calorie intake. Find our workout times and locations at F3Dayton.com



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