October 9 2018 – Higgins

Date: 1-9-2018

Time: 0530

AO: The Higgins (Thomas Cloud Park)

Q: Wilson

A few months ago I heard of a Crossfit gym that had told a patron to not come back. “You do not fit the profile of the clientele we are after,” is what they were told.

You know the profile of men F3 is after? The only thing necessary is to have a Y chromosome. Other than that, F3 is open to all men of any fitness level. To accommodate that, we always “modify as needed.”

The Thang:
We modified:

1 mile Ruck
Rinse and repeat 1 time.

Sometimes keeping it simple can be a great thing.



Scheduling note: If you come on Thursday you should have the park to yourself. But you never know.

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