Falcon Hill – October 4th 2018

DATE – 10-1-18


Q – Tails

PAX – Swobbles, Firedrill, Zebra, Burt Macklin FBI, Heater, Johnny 5, Cub Scout, Brody + Goldstar from afar.


  • After a short stretch routine we shoulder blocks and did an Indian “sprint” to FTH.
  • There we preformed “up and overs” x 3. Shoulder your black and sprint up hill and down the other side, hold block about head to pick up the 6 then back over to start.
  • Man maker, throw block at end and bear crawl to block – repeat until reaching the baseball diamond – holding block above head to pick up 6.
  • 3 teams to cave man sprint to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd based and back to home – losing team had to preform 5 man makers.
  • Relay race, bear crawl to 1st, sprint 2nd to 3rd, bear crawl home.
  • Shouldered blocks and Indian sprint to football field.
  • AYG to end of field and back then preform 10 man makers.

COT – treat each moment like it could be your last. Be remembered for being the kind of man you want to be.



Goldstar back blast

Wore my orange.

2 mile run

Burpees x10

Pull-ups x10

Flutter kicks x20

Leg raises x20

American Hammers x20

Dying cockroaches x20

Bicycles x20

Little baby crunches x20

Push-ups x30 (repeated this ab/push-up routine x3)

Pull-ups x10

Burpees x10

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