September 25, 2018 – Higgins

Date: 9-25-18

Time: 0530

AO: Higgins

Q: Wilson

Truth be told, I did not want to move to the Dayton area. Other than grandkids, what does this area have to offer??

Turns out to be a lot. The five rivers area has sculpted some marvelous scenery. I live 12 minutes from a 30 foot waterfall. And the parks are great.

The Thang:

  • The Ruck: 1.5 miles with 20# pack.
  • High Bar Shoulder Rotations
  • Hanging Knees to Elbows

And if we had not moved here, I would not know the fine fellow Pax of F3. Where I thought we were going to move to, F3 does not exist.

I have learned that adventure is where you find it.

Scheduling note: I will not be at Cloud Park on Thursday, September 27, but feel free to come and solo ruck. But, who in their right mind would do that??



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