F3 Dayton Special Shout

If F3 had a 4th F, it would be family. Special shout out to all the PAX that treat their F3 brothers like family.

Evening backblast:

Q: Brody

PAX: a stranded Goldstar and his wife and two girls

Racing back to #dayton from an Sunday afternoon #ikea trip, the PAX tire slowly started losing air. Low and behold, Goldstar has to think quickly what to do. As he got down to as low as 9 PSI, he began to panic as he had 3 beautiful ladies in his vehicle to protect. Luckily, 1.5 miles up the highway there was a rest stop. Goldstar was able to make it to the rest stop, Jack the car up and remove the lug nuts, but the wheel was as stubborn as can be and not coming off. As several swift kicks didn’t help, quick, critical thinking had to come into action.

Goldstar then utilized the #f3dayton #slack page to enlist help from some PAX. Quick to the draw, Brody offered a helping hand being only an exit away from the rest stop. Brody was quick to the rescue with a large pickup truck full of the proper tools for this very type of predicament. As quick as Brody got there, he quickly finished with a few pounds of a hammer to the back of the wheel. With the assistance of Goldstar, they were able to get the spare donut on the vehicle and the day was officially saved.

Mega thanks out to one of the greatest leaders of F3 Dayton, Brody, who is gifted and goes above and beyond to serve all of our PAX. @f3nation_official

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