August 30, 2018 – Higgins

Rucking alone in the gloom can be a bit precarious, so it seemed prudent for me to take some protection. So I carry a 700 lumen tactical flashlight. And I’m glad I go. That bright light makes the white strips of the local creatures pop right out!

Date: 8/30/18

Time: 0530

AO: Higgins (a.k.a., Odiferous Park….)

Q-Pax: Wilson

The flag firmly planted, the ruck began with a minor confrontation with a little four legged local in left field.  As I was heading into the wind, he (she??) was clearly oblivious of my presence. Having caught my attention, I flicked on the light and he (she??) scurried off into the tree line. Now the ruck can begin.

But just barely as before too long I sense more motion. Another flash of light catching the neon stripes, but this time the critter doesn’t want to move. The tail in position, but with eye balls in my direction, it seemed reasonable to me that if I don’t approach it, it will not approach me. The ruck can continue.

And it does. Parallel bar swings and Tucked Lever get done. Home stretch now.

It must be a family as again I am aware of movement to the side. No harm, no fowl, keep moving. No big deal as I’ve seen three skunks here before. But today there were four.

I have yet to see any in the parking lot, so things should be ok.

Jefferson Curl

Bear Crawl

Crab Walk

Monkey Walk

I’ve been working on these for a couple of weeks now, and I’m seeing some increase in both mobility and endurance.

But that’s probably not for guys like you. You’re not interested in maintaining a physical lifestyle. That’s ok. If you change your mind and want to join me, feel free.

Cloud Park, 5:30 a.m. Tuesday/Thursday.

Even if you don’t, you be careful.

It a jungle out there.


Wilson Tog

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