August 28, 2018 – Falcon Hill


AO: Falcon Hill

Q: Pavarotti

PAX: Goldstar, Stamp, Firedrill, Bear, Zebra, Swobbles, Johnny5, Heater, Captain Planet, Cobra, Burt Macklin FBI, FNG


• Feet together toe touch

• Legs spread: Touch left toes, right toes and down to the middle

• Legs spread: On bottoms

o Feet together toe touch

o Legs spread: Touch left toes, right toes and down to the middle

• Butterfly

• Right leg over left, left leg over right

• Calf stretch

• Quad stretch

• Windmills

• Bad Boyz

• Dem Boyz

Mozy to FTH

“Team Thousand Club Workout”

10 total exercises. Each pax must do 77 reps of each exercise. The 13 pax’s must combine for a total of 1,000 reps. Pax done early will pick up the six so the 1,000 rep team goal is accomplished. A hill sprint will be done following completion of each exercise.

1) 1,000 Team Merkins/FTH Sprint

2) 1,000 Team Leg Raises/FTH Sprint

3) 1,000 Team Side Straddle Hops/FTH Sprint

4) 1,000 Team LBC’s/FTH Sprint

5) 1,000 Team Air Squats/FTH Sprint

6) 1,000 Team American Hammers /FTH Sprint

7) 1,000 Team Merkins/FTH Sprint

8) 1,000 Team Bicycles/FTH Sprint

9) 1,000 Team Dips (baseball field bench)/FTH Sprint

10) 1,000 Team Scissor Kicks/FTH Sprint

Mozy to Base

Circle of Trust



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