August 13, 2018 – The Higgins

F3 Dayton Back Blast: 13 August 2018

Be Like a Shark

AO: F3 Dayton – Cloud Park (Higgins) 0530

Q: Zebra
PAX: Wilson, Swobbles, Cobra, Goldstar, Brody

Six HIM gathered in the gloom for a Monday morning beat-down.  Here’s what we did…


Side Straddle Hops ICx20

Imperial Walkers ICx20

Lunges ICx20

The Thang:

Q employed the KISS (keep it simple stupid) method with a mosey around the park’s bike path, stopping at the workout stations for various exercises. the PAX engaged a few of the stations: walk across balance beam, monkey bars, jumps over posts in ground, pull-ups x 10. The PAX rotated through merkins x20 (hold plank until all finish), burpees x10 (hold deep squat until all finish) and big boi situps x 20 (hold leg raise until all finish) at the other workout stations completing about 4 sets of each, but who’s counting. Q called a break half way through the beat-down and shared a motivational story: Sharks don’t mope around the ocean complaining about it being Monday. They swim around the ocean reminding everyone there a freakin’ Shark! Be like a Shark on Mondays!  The PAX ventured up the hill to the top side of the park for the first time in Higgins’ history, stopping by a shelter with picnic benches for 20 Great American One-Legged Squats, 20 incline merkins and 20 decline merkins before the final mosey down the hill to the shovel flag.



CoT: Reminder about new Higgins Ruck/core/mobility workouts Tues and Thur 0530 and lead out in prayer. Be like a Shark!

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