August 11, 2018 – DeHavilland

Delco Park

8/11/18, 7 AM – 8 AM

Q: The Dude

PAX: Heater, Floater, Cub Scout, Wilson, Cobra, Pavoratti, Swobbles, Faucet, Johnny5, Zebra

Q went over the disclaimer with PAX including go at your own pace, use modifications as needed, and pick up the six. PAX moseyed to location where stretching of arms and legs was completed.

The “FITNESS” course.

Each letter of the word fitness was placed on a placard and spaced out about .17 miles. In addition, each exercise started with the respective letter. The PAX would complete the exercise at each placard and jog to the next placard until all exercises and placards have been passed.

F: Flutter Kicks, X20,

I:  Imperial Walkers,X20

T:  The Little Baby Crunches, xX20

N: No So Lazy Boys, 30 seconds total

E:  Elevens, 1 merken, 10 air squats; 2 merkens, 9 air sqauts; 3 merkens, 8 air squats;

4 merkens, 7 air squats; 5 mrrkens, 6 air squats.

S: Side Straddle Hops, X20

S:  Super 21:  1 merken, 1 sit up; 2 merkens, 2 sit ups; 3 merkens, 3 sit ups; 4 merkens, 4 sit-ups; 5 merkens, 5 sit-ups; 6 merkens, 6 sit-ups. The normal routine would be to go all the way up to 21 markens and 21 sit ups,  but the Q wanted to focus more on the cardio aspect of the workout.

All Pax that finished before the others were planking.

Trivia questions was asked. Q tried to use motivational quotes and asked the PAX to guess who the author was:

The first quote was: The only bad workout is one that did not happen. Author unknown.

2nd quote: It always seems impossible until it is done, Nelson Mandella.

3rd quote: You miss 100% of the shots if you don’t take one, Wayne Gretzky.

The PAX then moseyed back to the F, began exercising and going back to the T. Once done, a recovery period was completed. 1/2 the PAX backtracked to the I, F and moseyed to where the final letter, S was. The other half of the PAX went and completed the N, E, and the first S with all letters being collected along the way. The first PAX picked up the six and completed the final S exercises as the other PAX returned.  All in the PAX completed a stretching of the arms, legs, and “hip strecthes.”

PAX moseyed to the flag where the cot, Count o rama and Name o Rama were completed.

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