August 4, 2018 – Oak Grove

AO: OakGrove Park 7-4-18

Q: Pepper

PAX: Bone Daddy, Tails, Bear, Fire Drill, Burt Macklin: FBI

Mosey to shelter house:

Imperial Walkers x15

Merkins x15

Side Straddle Hops x15

WW1 x15

Flutter Kicks x15

Mosey to Playgroud:

3 Sisters:  2 stations with water filled exercise ball carries between the two.

Station 1: Double Burpees x10, Calf Raises x10

Station 2: Dips x15, Pulls Up/Dead Hangs


Planks x12

Leg Holds x12

Plank x12

LBCs x12

Plank x12

Flutter Kicks x12

Plank x10

COT, Name o’ Rama, Pic

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