August 4, 2018 – DeHavilland

Q: Popcorn

PAX: Cub Scout, Johnny5, Floater, Captain Planet, Sox, Sugar, Wilson, Stamp, Heater, Cobra, Bungee, Zebra, Faucet

Dora, Dora, Dora!


Pigeon Stretch

Lunges (In Cadence) x 10

Merkins (In Cadence) x 15

Chest Stretch

Mosey to other side of lake, bottom of hill.

Much to the tune of The Brady Bunch Goldilocks and the 3 Bears, Dora broke into the bears home and wanted to try out 3 exercises. The first Exercise she found was much too small and looked like:

(Between 2 partners)

75 Merkins, 125 Freddy Mercuries, and 225 Air Squats. While one partner begins these, the other has to do hill sprints, switching off once they’re back.

Dora completed this and mosey’d to the soccer fields, finding one that was much too large:

(Between 2 Partners)

150 Merkins, 250 Freddy Mercuries, and 350 Lunges. Switching between partners was while one partner exercises, the other Planks to the count of 10 Merkins and switch, Leg Raise to the count of 20 Freddy’s, and Squat Hold to the count of 25 lunges.

While this exercise was happening, the 3 bears came home and scared Dora so she had to run away.

Pax lined up at soccer goal #1 and had to Sprint to goal #2 for 5 minutes, moseying back between sets. Pax Captain Planet showed up late so everyone had 15 Burpees to do in their honor.

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