Preblast for new AO this Friday!

With the upcoming 2018 F3 Nation IronPax Challenge, a CrossFit open style fitness challenge to find the strongest, fastest, most well-rounded ax across the entire F3 Nation, F3 Dayton is pleased to announce the opening of our New Friday Morning AO starting this Friday, August 3, 2018, 5:30 am at Epiphany Lutheran Church’s Austin Campus parking lot and fields (10551 Sheehan Road Dayton, OH 45458). This week we will be taking on the Pre-Season Workout, followed by each of the competition workouts during the next four weeks. After the competition is over, the AO will convert to a weighted workout AO, where having your coupon for good livin’ isn’t optional. We look forward to seeing you in the Gloom this Friday!

2018 IronPaxChallenge

PreSeason – will not count toward overall


1 round

25 hand release merkins

100 yard bear crawl

25 hand release merkins

100 yard bear crawl

After completion, go to to enter your ELAPSED TIME – all scores must be entered by Saturday, August 4 11:59PM EDT

*you may complete the workout as many times as you want – but ONLY enter ONE score per pax

*HandReleaseMerkin – DEMO VIDEO – take note of hands coming off of the ground at bottom and arms locking at top

*The PreSeason week is only meant to serve as a primer as to what is yet to come – the typical weekly workouts will be longer in duration – enough to fill a typical F3 bootcamp

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