July 30, 2018 – The Higgins

July 30, 2018 AO: The Higggins

5:30AM- Cool, Drizzly morning

PAX: Bungee, Goldstar, Tails, Zebra, Elroy, Wilson, and Swobbles

Q- Heater

Convergence and Disclaimer



15 Morrocan Night Clubs IC

Shotgun stretch (Hamstrings)

Other misc. leg stretches

Bad Boys

Front Bad Boys

Burpee Mile + Merkin Mile= Berkin Mile

Pax ran the path around Thomas Cloud park, which measures to be roughly 1.15 miles. Every .15 miles (or so) the pax would do 25 merkins , run .15 again and the pax would do 10 burpees; this was repeated until we finished the entire trail. We had a pax go down today with an injury and we never leave a man behind. That being said, we then took turns carrying a man sized coupon the rest of the way. Total merkins- 100 Total burpees- 40

Back to the Flag for a little sippy

Using the distance of the parking lot:

Lunge 3 car spaces, high knees 3 car spaces, butt kickers 3 car spaces, sprint about 10 car spaces. We did this twice

Keep butt down and side shuffle about 10 spaces, flip sides and shuffle about 10 spaces. We did this twice

Bear Crawl 3 car spaces and jog the rest of the spaces; bear crawl 4 spaces and jog the rest of them

Converge around the Flag

Stretch legs out on your 6




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