July 31, 2018 – Falcon Hill

July 31, 2018

AO: Falcon Hill

5:30AM- Stormy

Q- Burt Macklin, FBI

PAX, 19: Heater, Floater, johnny-5, Who Dey, Cub Scout, Swobbles, Bungee, Pavoratti, Stamp, Tails, Gold Star, Bear, FNG, brush fire, Elroy, fire drill, cobra, popcorn

Convergence and Disclaimer


Neck Rolls

Shoulder Rolls

Arm Circles

Bad Boys

Front Bad Boys

Knee to Chest (Quads)

Achilles Stretch

Tow Touchers

Sitting Groin Stretch

Hurdler Stretch

Sitting Toe Touches

PAX ran two laps, as a group, around track at AO Falcon Hill for warm up run.

Buddy Lovers:

In groups of three (one group of two), pax conducted three Buddy Lover rotations ( one rotation = one HIIT Drill, and two Strength and Conditioning exercises;  3 HIIT and 6 S+C X’s in total). S+ C X’s consisted of Upper Body: Push ups and Over Head Arm Clap. Lower Body: Air Squat and In place lunges. Core: Flutter Kick and Freddy Mercury’s. HIIT was a sprint of long sides of track and jog of short sides.

After completion of Buddy Lovers, small groups made one lap around track, with one pax carried at all times (Fireman Carry of Piggy Back Carry)

Plank until F3 Dayton Complete in all.

1/2 Mile cool down run interrupted by close lightening strike.

Back to the Flag for H20

Discussed leadership lesson within workout: “Don’t be the one to complain when someone is sandbagging in a group effort, be the one to figure out how to get the sandbagger over the finish line”





Converge around the Flag

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