July 28, 2018 – DeHavilland

AO: DeHavilland

Date: 7-28-2018

Time: 0700

Q: Wilson

Pax: Bungee, Cub Scout, Faucet, Floater, Heater, Orville, Pop Corn, Sox, The Dude, FNG (James Ketterman), and an Honorable Mention to Zebra who had to depart early due to Zebra duties.

Mosey to the gazebo for warm up:​

Side-straddle Hop (SSH), IC (20)

Cotton pickers, IC (20)

Swivel hips right, IC (too many…..)

Swivel hips right, IC (way too many….)

Merkins, IC (10)

The Thang!

Plain vanilla Indian Run the long way around the track, only 1 rotation. (This was by design. Wilson, being the workout Q, didn’t want to be the six all the time….).

Murph messed up:

Three groups:

Group 1 – jog to the pull up bar for a five reps;

Group 2 – Mountain Merkin (pushup from a mostly pike position, your six pointing to twelve), 10 reps;

Group 3 – Bulgarian Squat, five reps each leg;

Rotate through each station, rinse, repeat four reps.

Circled up on the lawn.

While the Pax held a raised leg position, on Pax would shuffle around to the left, pushing the legs down of the others, each taking a turn around the circle. Repeated to the right, but only after:

From a plank position, passed around a weight around the circle, right, left.

Mosey back to the soccer field where we:

SSH Tabata – 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest, cycle 8 times, 4 minute total.

Tabata HIIT Mashup – Tabata timed, 1. Merkins; 2. Mountain Climbers; 3. Air Squats; 4. Lunges.

Five minutes of various stretches.

Count-o-rama; Name-o-rama, COT.

Final Thoughts from FREED TO LEAD:

“Every man in an F3 Ball of Man is there because he has chosen leadership over Mascot-ship by accepting the obligations of authority. And we are all in exactly the same boat. We are all idiots in the COT, that we know, we are the idiots upon whom our communities depend to protect them from nakedness. From the COT we draw what we need to bear up to the responsibility that comes with 43, to not waver and pull our hands from the wheel at the very moment the passengers most depend upon us to keep the ship off the rocks. Without that, being a leader rather than a Mascot at 43 would be a very naked and lonely thing. It might make the SadClown life look pretty attractive. F3 helps a man resist that temptation, but not for his own sake. He is Third. He resists for those he loves. He resists for love.”



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