July 10, 2018 – Falcon Hill

Back Blast 7/10/2018 5:30AO- FALCON HILLPAX: Goldstar, Popcorn, Stamp, Brody, Bungee, Floater, Captain Planet, Cub Scout, Sox, Swabbles, Brushfire, Pavarotti, Elroy, Cobra, Rollie Fingers, Zebra, Tails(Slightly incapacitated )QIC- HeaterWarm up:Hamstring/ calf stretch, quad stretch, arms/shoulder stretchMosey to FTH (about .25 mile)4 Hill sprints to get the juices flowingMosey back to the flag (about . 25 mile)Stations set up around the trackFor 30 second intervals, do the exercise, when Q calls out, run to the next station-Sled Drag-Brick Curls-Clean and Press w/ Sandbag-Merkins-LBC-Tricep Dips on bench- Wide Grip Merkins- Kettle Bell Swing-SSH-Jump Ropex3-Dips-Dying CockroachRINSE and REPEATCircle up and stretchCount-o-ramaName-o-ramaCOTPhoto by the flagAll Photo and Video- Compliments of Tails

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