July 12, 2018 – Falcon Hill

AO: Falcon Hill

Q: Brody

Pax: Bonedaddy, Goldstar, Stamp, Cubscout, Swobbles, Zebra, Heater, Rollie Fingers, Floater, Captain Planet, Cobra, Johnny5, Pavarotti, Rob (FNG)


-Bad boys

-Arm across chest

-On your six

-Leg spread wide left foot hold right foot hold

-Ankle on knee

-Popcorn twist

-Hamstring stretch standing

-Mosey to FTH

-Sprint up four times

-Mosey back to track.

The thang
Break into 3 groups
-Group 1

Crabwalk from first cone to second cone. Lunge from second cone to third cone. Al gore as Each member will pull sled to them and then turn pull back and pass to next member. When group finishes al gore or plank.
-Group 2 Bruce Lee’s. One set group will plank or al gore when finished

-Group 3 suicides with 5 burpees after completion of full suicide. 3 sets when finished al gore or plank.

-Once all teams reach al gore or plank rotate one station. Go around as many times time will allow for.

-Cot 6:15
-Stretch for 10min
-Count o Rama
-Name o Rama

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