June 26, 2018

Q: Stamp

PAX: Zebra, Tails, Goldstar, Pavarotti, Orville, Heater, Captain America, Floater, Rollie Fingers, FNG (Pico), FNG (Swobbles).

Started on time.

Various stretches KISS. mumble chatter.


Mosey to FTH
Hill sprints and LBC’s
Up down up 20 lbc’s down a round of
Bruce Lee’s
Repeat times 3

Slowsy to the track
6 teams of 2
Battlerope and Merkins
kB swings. And air squats
Jump ropes
SISU hammer and plank
Bench dips
Partner sandbag carry
Repeat for one whole rotation to back where we started.

End with yoga
Downward dog to cobras
Broken tables
And what I call open ups

Shared who I am and where I’ve been. Things I’ve seen and experienced. 12 men got better together today. 12 men didn’t excuse themselves from life today. 12 men had some good livin’. 12 men got a little closer today.

Named some FNGs. Name o Rama. Various admin/pr duties.


#f3ohio #f3dayton #f3 #f3nation

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