June 25, 2018

AO: Higgins aka Tom Cloud Park
Q: Goldstar
Pax: FNG (x3), Wilson, Brody, Zebra, Heater, Tails

Murph Lee: Part Murph, Part Bruce Lee
100% all man!


Lunges – point A to point B
High knees (in cadence)
Sidestraddle hop (in cadence)
Twists (in cadence)

Mosey to pull up bars

Group one: Bruce Lee’s
x20 Flutter Kicks (per leg)
x20 Leg Raises
x20 American Hammers (each side)
x20 Dying Cockroach
x20 Freddy Mercury
x20 LBC’s

Al Gores if finish early

Group two: Mini Murph
x10 (or AYG) Pull Ups
x30 Merkins
x40 Air Squats

Al Gores if finish early

Mosey Back to lot

Splash of Merlot!
Name o Rama & Photo shoot
Bonus penalty for Tails being late:
Burpees x10


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