June 9, 2018

Q: Wilson

PAX: Sox, Heater, The Dude, Stamp, Popcorn, Who Dey, Faucet, Tails and a Bone Daddy cameo

“You’re not mad,” said the voice in my head.

“Of course not,” said a second voice. “But you may be crazy.”

Why this internal debate? Because of someone named Murph.

To many, Murphy’s Law is a certainty. To fitness aficionados , “Murph” brings visions of craziness. The fitness routine named after a Navy Seal slain in Afghanistan consists of a 1 mile run, 100 pull ups, 200 merkins (pushups), 300 squats, topped off with another 1 mile run.

“But you’re not Navy Seals! That’s crazy!!”

F3 mantra: modify according to fitness level.

Ten PAX reporting to DeHavilland this Saturday morning. Sox, Heater, The Dude, Stamp, Popcorn, Who Dey, Faucet, Tails, and the Ancient One commonly known as Wilson at Q. (Bone Daddy made a cameo due to other fitness comittments.) No FNG (Friendly New Guy) this week.

Let’s mosey.

Our normal venue was occupied by a lone fisherman seeking tranquility in the early morning, so we deviated to a grassy area for warm ups. (We wouldn’t want the locals to think we’re crazy…)

20 Side-straddle hops – IC
10 X jumps left – IC
15 LBC oyo
10 X jumps right – IC
Swivel hips right/left
20 Wind mills – IC
20 Pickin’ Taters – IC

Mosey up the hill for the main Thang.

Redefining Murph to meet fitness levels and time constraints, we had two variations:

Murph, Interrupted:
We eliminated the mile run and replaced it with running to the pull up bar. We further interrupted Murph by breaking down the exercise into 10 sets: 10 pull ups; 20 pushups; 30 squats.

Should that need further modification, we offered,
The same routine, but breaking down the exercises by 50%, but doing 20 sets to hit the targets: 5 pull ups; 10 pushups; 15 squats.

Modified pull ups included chin ups, jumping pull ups, or hanging for a 10 count, preferably with lats contracted.

Modified pushups included from the knees, or planking for a 20 count.

Back the flag, we ended our time with stretches: Sloooow hindu merkins and hold; Step throughs with a half-bridge hold; and a variety of other stretches.

“This is crazy!!” screams the voice. “You are 65 years old! You’re too old for this! Who would follow an old goat like you?”

Come next Saturday to Delco Park, 7:00 a.m., and I’ll introduce you to my nine crazy friends.

And to the voice in my head.

Wilson Tog (The Old Goat)

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