June 7, 2018

Q: Heater

PAX- Goldstar, Popcorn, Stamp, Zebra, & Pavarotti

Warm up on this brisk, 57 degree morning:

Mosey to FTH
Side straddle hop- 20ic
Moravian night clubs-18ic
Overhead claps- 20count
Cotton pickers- 10ic

Bottom of the hill
Hop up hill (feet together)
Bottom of the hill
Feel the burn(backwards, high knee run uphill)
Bottom of the hill
Left side shuffle up
Bottom of hill
Right side shuffle
Bottom of hill


We played a little game of cards against humanity(only because most of humanity isn’t out doing this stuff this early!)

reps match the number on the card; jack-11,queen-12,king-14, ace-15
Jokers- sprint to f3 pole and back

-diamonds=air squats
-clubs- crunches
-spades- burpees (without the push up)

Jog around the track to cool down

Stretch-pretzel, hamstring,quad, arm/shoulder)

Count=6(after struggling to get to that high of a number)



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