June 2, 2018

June 2, 2018

F3 Baseball

AO: F3 Dayton – Delco Park (DeHaviland) 7am

Q: Zebra

PAX: Wilson, The Dude, Faucet, Pavarotti, Tails, Heater, Stamp, Popcorn, BoneDaddy, Who Dey, Socks, Floater (FNG), Mercury(FNG), Schrute (FNG), Brody (FNG)

After laying out the bases (weights) for F3 baseball, I saw several PAX had already arrived including Tails with the shovel flag.  More and more PAX continued to roll in and we had 16 (4 FNGs) by 7am!  Nice turnout for my VQ.  I reminded the PAX of F3’s Mission and Disclaimer.  Here’s what we did…

Mosey to Dock House for CoP:

Side Straddle Hops x30

Moroccan Night Clubs x20

Imperial Walkers x20

Squats x10

LBCs x10

Merkins x10

Zebra Butt-Kicks x10 each leg

The Thang:

Indian er…Geese Run up the hill to the soccer field.  Couple PAX got winded here, but were able to recover while I explained F3 Baseball.  

The stars aligned enabling us to have 4 teams of 4. 1s started at 1B with 100 team merkins, 2s started at 2B with 100 team squats, 3s started at 3B with 100 team LBCs, 4s started at the Dish with 60 team burpees. Modes of transportation between bases: bear crawl home to 1B, lunges 1B to 2B, inch-worms 2B to 3B and carioca 3B to home. Team completing most rounds within 20 min. wins. After about 5 mins, I begin to hear mumble chatter of a possible PAX revolt so modified mode of transportation to mosey between bases. Hearing more looming PAX revolt mumble chatter a couple minutes later, I modified the reps to 40 team merkins, squats and LBCs and 20 team burpees.  This calmed the revolt chatter until about 15 minutes in.  Sensing an impending PAX revolt, I called an Omaha on F3 Baseball upon completion of the current round of the bases.

We recovered while holding a deep squat and I shared my F3 story.

Still having plenty of time to kill, we stayed in our teams of 4 and used the weights (formerly bases).  Performed pick your poison exercises – only requirement were 1 using the weight, 10 reps and each team rotate through exercises.  

Still having time to kill and having a pair of pull-up bars near by…we stayed in our teams with 1s sprinting to pull up bars for AYG pull-ups, 2s with planks, 3s with merkins and 4s with LBCs. Upon return sprint…er mosey, er walk back of 1s, the teams rotated through. We performed 2 rotations.

Next we moseyed back to the shovel flag while running with the weights and passing them back and forth. Popcorn lead us through some stretching.

CoT: named the FNGs and I lead us out in prayer.


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