Hose for Bros

75 and rainy
Smart Park – Springboro,OH
Skywalker-Q, Packer, Swobbles, Sucker Punch, Ditka, Cornelius
The Thang: Count off 1-6. In a rotating fashion 1-6 gets the hose throughout the workout nonstop. 10sec. Paint the fence 10sec snare drum slams 10 sec paint the fence (x2) =1min then on to next exercise. 1 calls out 2 – 2 calls out 3 so on and so fourth. Run to southwestern mulch bed for 30 squats
Run to southeastern mulch bed for Karaoke around cones in a square about 20 yds apart then step slides in a square left foot right foot Run to northwestern mulch bed for 30 LBCs
Run to northeastern mulch bed to begin 800 meter run
Rinse and repeat
Hose drill went to 2min after round two

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