The Hill of the Rising Sun

Date: 08-31-2021

AO: Falcon Hill (Tuesday Underground)

Time: 0530

Weather: 70 degrees and pouring rain

PAX: Cobra, FencePost, Jiffy(q)


  1. Side Straddle Hops in Cadence x15

  2. Imperial Walkers in Cadence x15

  3. Merkins in Cadence x15

  4. Squats in Cadence x15

Mozey over and get Blocks as a group – mozey over to hill

THE THANG: The Hill of the Rising Sun

Bottom of the Hill – Harambe to top with block

Top of the Hill – Carry block to bottom

Do not start a new exercise without the six!

1 – Manmaker Burpees with Block x10 Top & Bottom

2 – Squats with Block x10 Top & Bottom

3a – Killer Cobra x10 Top


Mozey to safety

3a – Finish Killer Cobra x10

4 – Squats with Block x20

5 – Fence Post Special X20

Bat Wings!

Count off | Video | COT | Picture

Mumble Chatter

The sun did indeed shine…well, sort of.



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