Merry-Go Round

AO: Smart Park
Date: 8/25/21
Q: wiggles
Pax: Skywalker, Swobbles, Meatball, Ditka, SuckerPunch, CorneliusWarm up

  • Stretch OYO

The Thang

  • There were 9 total mulch curb barriers in the parking lot. At each one, you would put your hands on the curb and feet on the pavement and walk around in a circle once. Then would do an exercise and lunges to the next curb.
  • First Curb- 25 incline Merkins
  • Second Curb- 25 decline Merkins
  • Third curb- 25 calf raises
  • Fourth curb- 25 step ups
  • Fifth curb- 25 curb jumps
  • Sixth curb- 25 Catalina wine mixers
  • Seventh curb- 25 incline Merkins
  • Eighth curb- 25 decline Merkins
  • Ninth curb- ring of big boy sit ups (100 reps)

Count off, COT, video, Pic

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