My Legs Hurt

My Legs HurtDate: 7/28/21
AO: Smart park
Pax: Packer, Rabbit Trail, Skywalker, Who’s There, SuckerPunch, KiddiePool, Wiggles (q)Warmups: Reverse Indian RunThe Thang:4x4s- 10 total
-Standing to plank to (4) merkins to (4) 4count mountain climbers back to standingAll about the Benjamins
-25 Curls for the Girls
-25 Walking Lunges
-25 Jump Squats
-25 Walking Lunges
-25 Overhead Press
-25 Walking Lunges
-25 Leg Lifts
-25 Walking LungesButkus (Rapid step ups on curb side)
-1 minute
– 30 seconds
-1 minute
-30 secondsWall Sit Competition
-KiddiePool won with 1 minute and 30 secondsCircle of Abs
-Each Pax led an ab exercise of their choice (25 reps or 25 seconds for each one)
COT, Video, PIC

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