Ruck Maze Part I

AO: Smart Park
Date: 07.13.21
Time: 0530
Q: Swobbles
Pax: Who’s There, Ditka, Cornelius
The thang: Ruck Maze Part I

PAX warmed up with various exercises: 10 merkins IC, 10 squats IC, 10 SSH IC, 10 Flutter Kicks. Then we threw on our rucks.

Ruck Maze started down in the lower level of the parking garage. PAX ran in between columns north to south, while advancing east to west after passing the last column in the row. We did this for time at the beginning and end. Ruck Maze 1: 4:15
Ruck Maze 2: 4:07 (with an extra row)
The rest of the time was a standard ruck with mumble chatter.

Mumble chatter: checked out the steel barriers we’ll be moving tomorrow to help Austin Landing set up for an event. How we could be annoying with hundreds of questions about our upcoming 2nd F event.


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